Better Together: How Mesh Complements Microsoft VIVA

Exploring Microsoft VIVA

  • VIVA Topics enables employees to harness the organization’s knowledge by leveraging AI to reason over the content and organize information into categories like products, projects, processes, and customers. It creates “topic cards” by compiling all the information about a particular subject from siloed company apps while employees work within Teams, SharePoint intranet, and Office.
  • VIVA Insights combines data from Microsoft Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics to deliver actionable insights and recommendations that help employees and managers build conducive work habits and ensure better work-life balance.
  • VIVA Learning makes learning a part of an employee’s everyday work by bringing together all learning resources such as Microsoft Learn, LinkedIn Learning, SAP Success Factors, and the company’s own LMS, under a single platform, i.e., Teams.
  • VIVA Connections brings conversations, news feeds, tools, and content people need and makes all of it available inside Teams.

Microsoft VIVA And Mesh 3.0: Better Together

1. VIVA Connections

2. VIVA Topics

3. VIVA Insights

4. VIVA Learning

Use Microsoft VIVA Along With Mesh

  • AI-driven content personalizers — Deliver tailored content suggestions based on the employee’s role, geography, interests, etc.
  • Azure cognitive enterprise search — A unified intelligent search engine that aids employees in retrieving files, documents, and information from anywhere on the organization’s network.
  • Content management system — An intuitive content management system with drag and drop features and custom page templates to simplify content creation and delivery.
  • Knowledge mining — Access knowledge mining tools powered by Azure Cognitive Services that analyze, manage, and maximize value from structured and unstructured content locked away in siloed apps.
  • Idea management system — An idea management system called “Wave” helps discover the best ideas with features like idea upvoting, reviewing, and filtering.
  • Collaboration and communication tools — Social capabilities, including blogs, messaging apps, and discussion forums, help discuss the latest news and upcoming events and coordinate projects. Moreover, flexible integrations with everyday apps, including Workday, Office 365, SAP, etc., allow employees to collaborate and get work done seamlessly without switching between multiple windows.
  • Multilingual chatbot — An intelligent intranet chatbot (i.e., MeshBot) that automates routine employee tasks, sends personalized updates, and allows employees to access required information quickly.



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