Digital Transformation Use Cases in the Oil and Gas Industry

Challenges to Digital Transformation in the Oil and Gas Industry

Digital Transformation Journeys in the Oil and Gas Industry

1. Leveraging AI, Big Data, IoT, and Analytics to boost data-driven decision-making

2. Modernizing core asset management with IoT sensors

3. Mitigating occupational hazards with intelligent health, safety, security, and environmental (HSSE) applications and a more connected workforce

4. Developing a connected supply chain with intelligent enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications

1. British Petroleum (BP) uses Microsoft Azure AI to increase employee safety, boost efficiency, and drive operational success.

2. Shell uses a virtual knowledge capture assistant to help geoscientists preserve tacit knowledge

  • Real-time voice input, with options to enter text, notes, links, and files.
  • Custom Speech and Voice model (Acoustic model, Language model, Phonetic Model)
  • Interpret and convert geological/geoscience terms into text
  • Tag transcripts with relevant keywords
  • Integrate with existing systems for knowledge storage, search, and management

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