Ensuring Digital Well-Being Of Remote Workers With A Digital Workplace

What Role Does Technology Play In Elevating Employee Stress, Fatigue, And Burnout?

1. Sheer Volume Of Communication

2. App Fatigue

3. Blurring Lines Between Personal And Professional Lives

4. Social Isolation

Best Practices To Ensure Digital Well-Being For Employees

1. Bring All Essential Apps And Tools Under A Single Platform.

2. Reduce The Time To Find Information

3. Establish Two-Way Communication

4. Build Awareness Around Well-Being Initiatives

5. Empower Employees To Connect Socially With Virtual Water Coolers

6. Employee Appreciation

7. Encourage Innovation

8. Organize Weekly Health Sessions

9. Allow Employees To “Switch Off.”

How Can Acuvate Ensure Digital Well-Being For Remote Workers?



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