How To Seamlessly Integrate Content Management System Into Your Digital Workplace

Vinaykumar Gunda
4 min readMar 23, 2022

“Content” is a broad word that covers a wide range of written and audiovisual data, including business documents, technical manuals, knowledge articles, marketing materials etc. It also contains a wide variety of other organizational data. The way the company stores, organizes and changes the business data has a significant impact on your overall productivity. It’s a win-win situation for everyone when your team members have tools to communicate, edit, share, and collaborate the content more efficiently, thus creating a path to a modern digital workplace.

In a nutshell, a content management system (CMS) enhances the intelligence and power of your business content. Because data is only saved once, regardless of how many times it is utilized, the CMS software can keep track of everything that occurs to it. Any modifications done to the document will be reflected globally across the organization.

An efficient content management system will provide instant benefits to organizations in any sector. It will help streamline processes, enhance content quality, maintain relevant data, and more.

Why Is Having An Intranet CMS Software A Must?

Almost every company these days has an intranet. It is vital for everyday business chores that function digitally. While an intranet may initially work effectively on its own, with the rapid rise in the company’s data, handling them on a digital platform can become unmanageable. Here’s why intranet CMS software comes into the picture.

As per the source, an intranet CMS has helped almost 4.3 million employees in the USA to foster real-time connections with their colleagues.

The content management system is designed to create, publish, edit content, and manage the website. Integrating a content management system in your digital workplace will help you manage the content and build and manage your company’s culture altogether. It builds a digital workplace integrated with communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing tools focusing on bringing a positive employee experience and enhancing engagement.

Here’s What You Need To Consider When Choosing An Integrated Intranet Content Management System:

  • Intuitive User Interface

The essential functions of the CMS software should be easily digestible, and it shouldn’t consume more than a few weeks of training. An ordinary user should be able to sit down and grasp how to utilize fundamental features like searching, editing, and publishing intuitively. Quick adoption and efficiency can only be achieved with a user interface replicating tools and platforms that employees are already familiar with. For example, Users are very aware and well-versed with social media forums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. A CMS software with a similar interface will be easily understandable and manageable by the employees.

While this may appear insignificant, it has a significant impact on the entire digital employee experience, which is linked to increased employee happiness, increased revenues, and even improved customer service.

  • Easy Installation

It may take some time to roll up your CMS employee intranet solution, but it shouldn’t require to complete IT assistance. An intranet CMS is a little tricky to install. Having said that, the deployment procedure does not have to be too complex.

  • Offers Responsive Design

Employees use a wide variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc., to perform office work. For sure, mobile usage will rise in the future, and it is vital to have a content management system that could be accessed from any device possible. Following this, you should also make sure that the content which is being released through an intranet CMS has responsive viewing across mobile devices.

  • Regular software update

The task is not yet finished once the installation is done. There is a crucial step to be taken care in every interval- i.e., software update. The intranet content management system needs to be updated timely to stay along with the latest technologies, tools, and most importantly, secure from potential threats. Constantly update your software regularly, ensuring safety and preventing you from the outage.

  • Supports diverse content range

Content is much more than text. Videos, carousels, images, links are a part of the content and plays a crucial role in employee communication and engagement. They should be easily shareable as the content released in the digital workplace platform can be forwarded to the employees. Multimedia support should be non-negotiable while choosing an intranet CMS software.

  • Search Functions

An intranet CMS is almost worthless if employees can’t locate what they need. A robust search function with filter properties will enable the employees to easily search the documents, thereby improving employee experience and productivity.

  • Performance measurement

With time, you need to measure your intranet CMS effectiveness to improve relevancy and engagement. You can analyze how your employees are interacting with the content, which type of content is effective, how content is viewed and shared and gets more engagement. All these are done using analytics.

  • Customization

Company needs are different as per their business targets and goals. You don’t have to build your content management system from scratch. Instead, you can customize the features and functionalities for success. The CMS platform should be flexible enough to change your branding, templates, and define rules as needed.

Mesh 3.0‘s Content Management System offers features and functionalities that cover your business requirements and provides a seamless employee experience. Moreover, it is very flexible in delivering the chosen content. The features encapsulated in our platform enable an easy, smooth content publishing and editing experience.

Why Consider Mesh For Better Content Management?

  • Personalized content access
  • Responsive design enabled
  • Multilingual Support
  • Customizable design
  • Easy Search experience
  • Content Analytics enabled

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