Using Microsoft Teams And Intranet Together For Modern Employee Experience

How Can Organizations Use Microsoft Teams And Intranet Together? What Are The Benefits Of Marrying Up The Two?

  • Use the company-branded VIVA Connections icon to navigate to the intranet landing page and view a quick snapshot of company news, recommended videos, and other content tailored according to a user’s location, role, department, interests, language, and more, grouped in one place.
  • Access a complete set of way-finding capabilities via mega menus and the hub’s navigation.
  • Leverage the intranet’s search functionality to quickly access personalized information, such as documents, policies, and reports.
  • Open SharePoint pages and articles in the file preview mode without losing context.
  • Quickly share links to content with your colleagues on MS Teams conversations.
  • Switch between Microsoft Teams and your intranet with a single click.
  • Experience the richness of SharePoint within Teams with functionalities that connect the two and allow employees –
  • Full fidelity access to their document libraries within Teams, including options for filtering, sorting, grouping, etc.
  • The option to add pages and lists as tabs and enable your teams to start discussions on them.
  • The power to create new teams and add existing content from SharePoint directly into them.

Why Can’t Microsoft Teams Replace Your Organization’s Intranet?

Mesh 3.0 Is Now On VIVA Connections!



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